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Natural, Herbal Equine Remedies

Natural, Herbal Remedies for Equestrians
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This community is for riders and owners alike to come together and discuss natural, homeopathic remedies for common ailments for horses and riders. Share your experiences with herbal remedies, recommend things that have worked for you, and let us know if you've come up with new herbal combinations to heal.

We have few rules here:
- No flaming. Herbal & homeopathic remedies have as much to do with intent and energy as they do with the actual herbs in question. Please keep discussion and disagreements civil.
- Please limit community advertising.
- Pictures go behind a cut. You may have one 'teaser' picture, but please keep the size manageable so you don't break people's friend's lists.
- Please use TAGS. See the tag list, and use common sense when you post.

Please understand: we are not vets. We have come together to share knowledge and experiences with our own herbal concoctions and the like - do NOT take our word over a veterinarian. Not every herb will work the same for every horse. Please RESEARCH suggestions we make. You know your horse better than we do and know what his/her allergies may be. You will be able to predict how your horse MIGHT react to a solution better than we can. All we can do is suggest. If you have ANY questions about ANY herbal suggestion we make, CONSULT YOUR VET.

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