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half_a_cider [userpic]
Aloe Vera Juice
by half_a_cider (half_a_cider)
at January 24th, 2008 (10:59 am)

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What do you all know or have heard about the use of Aloe Vera Juice (drinking type juice) being used to treat (more as maintenance or preventative medicine) ulcers?  A vet recommended it and I found a little information, but I was wondering what you all thought.  What about dose?  I have only heard from one person that she gives 4 ounces am & pm on feed.

It sounds like a great idea and hopefully it works because I was able to find it for less then $6 (US) a gallon.  Better then gastroguard prices, huh?


Posted by: Penella22 (penella22)
Posted at: January 25th, 2008 05:33 pm (UTC)

peppermint has an active constituent that numbs the walls of the stomach by making it relax, thereby relieving nausea very effectively. However, peppermint is actually somewhat harsh on the stomach if there is an inflammatory condition. Should probably be avoided in a horse with possible tendency towards ulcers...good for humans though! :-)

(and no, contrary to how it may appear I am not a huge know-it-all...I just happen to have been diagnosed with an ulcer last year so I had to study up on ulcers in particular...and a horse at my barn had an ulcer...so...)

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